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This blog was originally created to share the sights and observations of a trip in 2008 as Ba Rea, Susan Fry, Bill Fry and Carol Cullar followed the monarch butterflies to their overwintering sites in Michoacan, Mexico. Two years later I am reorganizing it to share my observations about milkweed and monarchs on the Knobs in West Virginia.


5 Responses to About this Blog

  1. Don Davis says:

    Hi Carole:

    This is a neat journey you are undertaking.

    I’ve just arrived in Saltillo, Mexico and for the next three days, Monarch enthusiasts have gather for a Monitoring Workshop at the Fiesta Inn (out in the field on Tuesday).

    The Canadians arrived yesterday and report that monarchs were flying through the city and high overhead most of the day.

    Saltillo may be in a valley between mountains. I look forward to your future notes and pictures, and seeing monarchs myself in the morning.

    Don Davis
    Toronto, ON

  2. Kip Kiphart says:

    Hi Ba
    Great blog!!
    I’m checking it everyday.
    The “Blue Boneset” is Eupatorium odoratum, La Crucita.
    It is called La Crucita because the terminal branches form a crosses. The crosses are seen in your photo.
    I have it in my garden near Boerne; it is a “butterfly magnet.”

  3. Jodi says:

    Hello! I don’t know if you’re getting American news in Mexico. I wanted to call you last night when Obama was declared the next president of the United States so you could join in the celebration. 🙂 Unfortunately, the phone company wouldn’t put me through. Maybe I need some kind of international code.

    Do you have access to your e-mail in Mexico? I could contact you that way. Just to let you know, we settled up with Manual and he helped us secure a new tentent at Courtland.

    Looks like you’re having tons of fun. I’m super jealous!

    Love you all,

  4. Rob Protz says:


    Dear Ba,

    I heard you on ‘Birds and Nature’ Sunday. You don’t have to worry – your extemporaneous skills are more than adequate. You did a great interview.

    Thanks for the vicarious fun!


  5. Kathleen Beckwith says:

    Ba Rea,
    I read your letter to the frackers for West Virginia. Thank you for representing wild systems and protection of life,
    Kathy Beckwith

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