The End of the Road

I am home again in Union, West Virginia.  Our trip to Mexico with the monarchs was a wonderful experience. My apologies that the photos and text got thin near the end.  The nice tech at Apple told me very gently that there is little that can be done for my fried hard drive, but since I had an Applecare contract that it will be replaced.  For $500 to $2700 I could attempt to retrieve a few photos…no guarantees.  I don’t think that makes sense.  I have our notes and photos from the last few days. Carol and I will work together to get some  updates posted on what we found. I am putting together a map and we will post as soon as we have it filled out.


About monarchchaser

I am a naturalist, illustrator/author and educator who has been raising and releasing monarch butterflies for over 40 years.
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